Reward in tortured kitten case reaches $50,000

The reward in the case of horrific animal abuse against a kitten has been raised to $50,000. Donations to the reward have poured in from across the country as people have learned of the tragic ordeal Sage the kitten went through before dying to the injuries inflicted. The cat had disappeared on March 6, but returned home several days later having suffered severe injuries. According to the Humane Society the cat was beaten and suffered from broken ribs, as well as having all four paws broken. But, the abuse didn't stop there. Someone took a hot glue gun to Sage, gluing the eyes shut, as well as the genitals and anus, all the fur was shaved off, and the whisker were cut. Miraculously Sage managed to find his way home before passing at a veterinary hospital the following afternoon.

Investigators with Davis County Animal Services and the Humane Society of Utah are taking an active role in the investigation, and the tip line is being flooded with possible leads. The state toughened its animal cruelty laws in 2008 to make the torture of a companion pet a felony. Utah law classifies the intentional torture of an animal is considered a third-degree felony and carries a possible prison sentence of up to five years, as well as a $5,000 fine. 

Public domain photo


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