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Republicans Picking 'Populists' In Primary Race

Evening Edition: Congress Questions Sec. Buttigieg On Flight Delays And Rail Safety

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg testified before The House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee today who grilled him on a summer of air travel troubles, rail safety and the administration's push on electric vehicles. Secretary Buttigieg said that flight cancellations are down to pre-COVID days and touted thousands of infrastructure projects in all states. The state of air travel in the United States was the focus though, with the FAA without a head administrator and the looming government shutdown which would have a large impact on air traffic controllers.   FOX's John Saucier speaks with Chad Pergram, FOX News Chief Congressional Correspondent, about the testimony from the Secretary, where the spending bill fight stands and later touches on the Senate relaxing their dress code.  Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

GOP Spending Fight Tests Speaker McCarthy's Leadership

To avoid a government shutdown, Congress has until the end of September to pass a new spending bill. Currently, House Republicans are unable to reach a consensus on defense spending and move forward with a proposed short-term solution. Speaker McCarthy’s proposed GOP plan included approximately 8 percent in budget cuts, allocating no money for military aid to Ukraine but did provide funds to bolster border security measures. A procedural vote on Tuesday effectively defeated the GOP plan, with Republican lawmakers fighting internally about where spending is most needed. One of the few naysayers, Republican Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT), joins the Rundown to share why he is not worried about the possibility of a shutdown and why he lobbied against the continuing resolution. Seventy percent of Americans say transgender athletes should only be allowed to compete in sports on teams that match their birth gender. The issue has stirred controversy across schools in the United States, with some parents of female athletes voicing opposition to what they see as an unfair advantage, while more liberal countries have had the community argue this backlash is LGBTQ+ discrimination. The debate has the Biden administration in a difficult spot, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre telling FBN there is no "yes or no answer" for this issue. Meanwhile, 2024 GOP candidate Nikki Haley has called this the "women’s issue of our time," criticizing the Biden administration for allowing "biological men to compete in women’s sports." On the Rundown, FOX Business' Hillary Vaughn is covering this as part of FBN's weeklong series on "Education in America,'' and she breaks down the trans athlete controversy and how lawmakers are addressing these concerns. Plus, commentary from Hollywood actor and film producer, Kevin Sorbo. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Evening Edition: Biden Speaks To The United Nations Amid Protests

President Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly today in New York City as tens of thousands of migrants continue to pour into the self-proclaimed 'sanctuary city'. The President's remarks had a focus on the Ukraine-Russia conflict and did not touch on the ongoing immigration crisis. This as protests were held outside the United Nations condemning the Iran prisoner swap deal that was made.   FOX's Eben Brown speaks with FOX Business Network's Madison Alworth, at the United Nations in New York, about the the President's speech, what was said and what wasn't said about the migrant crisis.    Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

How Politics Is Driving The Auto Workers' Strike

The United Auto Workers have been on strike for five days, with the union issuing demands for higher pay from the big car companies, who they argue are overpaying their executives while underpaying their laborers. UAW President Shawn Fain organized an aggressive, unprecedented strike on assembly plants at Ford, General Motor and Stellantis. As the labor negotiations continue, President Biden has voiced support for the strike while former President Trump has shared criticism of UAW union leadership. Fox Business' Jeff Flock joins the Rundown to explain Fain's plans with this strike and the public support for the union. Later, former Labor Department economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth breaks down the politics and policies that drove workers towards this strike. In Fairfax County, Virginia, parents have recently voiced concern about the race and gender education curriculum in their schools. Even on a national scale, the teaching of these topics in classrooms has become a major conversation on the 2024 campaign trail. From Governor Ron DeSantis introducing Florida's Parental Rights in Education Act to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin banning schools from teaching "divisive concepts like critical race theory," parents and politicians alike are paying more attention to the curriculum. On the Rundown, FOX Business' Edward Lawrence, who is focusing on the curriculum controversy as part of FBN's weeklong series on "Education in America," shares why some parents are criticizing the public education system and details how different states are challenging these issues. Plus, commentary from host of OutKick's Tomi Lahren is Fearless, Tomi Lahren. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Evening Edition: Five Americans Returning Home After Iran Prisoner Swap

Five American citizens have been released from Iranian prisons in an exchange that returned six billion dollars in frozen funds and five Iranian prisoners being held in the United States to Tehran. Iran has conducted a cold-blooded hostage policy that they have been mastering since the Islamic regime took power in 1979, with the kidnapping of the American diplomats from the embassy in Tehran. Iran’s long history of kidnapping Western hostages in exchange for all sorts of concessions has impacted people from the United States, various European countries, Australia and other countries around the world.   FOX's Eben Brown speaks with Behnam Ben Taleblu, Senior Fellow at the non-partisan Foundation for Defense of Democracies, about this latest exchange and how kidnapping foreigners has become seemingly successful for Iran.   Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Americans Divided Over Biden Impeachment Inquiry

House Republicans made major moves last week, as Speaker Kevin McCarthy directed the House to initiate an impeachment inquiry into President Biden in light of his potentially corrupt business dealings. Additionally, the House Committee on Homeland Security continues investigating the injustices at the southern border. This week, they will host a hearing focused on the financial cost of the border crisis, examining how many American taxpayers now face overwhelming financial burdens due to millions of migrants illegally crossing the border. On the Rundown, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Mark Green (R-TN) shares his thoughts on House Republicans' impeachment inquiry into President Biden & what he believes it could reveal. He also discusses how Americans facing higher medical bills, insurance rates, and even gas prices may all correlate to the mass number of migrants now residing in the U.S. and his efforts to keep "obscene" materials out of schools across America. Approximately fifty million children across the country were abruptly tossed into remote learning during the pandemic. Three years later, students and teachers now grapple with the effects of learning loss in the classroom. Test scores are the lowest they've been in years, with kids unable to meet standard grade-level requirements. On the Rundown, FOX Business' Lydia Hu, who is focusing on learning loss as part of FBN's weeklong series on "Education in America," shares why parents are frustrated with the "equitable grading" system and breaks down how learning loss may snowball into even bigger problems for future generations. Plus, commentary by General Counsel for NetChoice, Carl Szabo. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Extra: A Week Full Of Bad News For President Biden

It was quite a week for the President and his family. A grand jury in Delaware returned an indictment Thursday against his son, Hunter Biden, on three counts connected to making a false statement about drug use during a firearm purchase.  The historic indictment comes as part of a broader investigation led by special counsel David Weiss into foreign income and potential tax offenses by Hunter. Concerns over those foreign deals and his father's possible involvement in them were also the basis for a House impeachment inquiry that was launched against the President earlier this week.   FOX News Sunday Anchor Shannon Bream spoke with the Rundown's Jared Halpern shortly after Hunter Biden was indicted to break down the charges.  Bream also discussed how his son's legal problems and the impeachment investigation could hurt President Joe Biden politically at a time when he's already suffering in the polls.   We made edits for time and thought you might like to hear our entire conversation with FOX News Sunday Anchor Shannon Bream. On today's FOX News Rundown Extra, you'll hear even more of Shannon Bream's analysis of a historic week in politics.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From Washington: Amid Age Concerns, White House Touts Policy Achievements

President Biden returned from his latest overseas trip at the G20 Summit to renewed concerns over his age and mental capabilities. The White House has answered those concerns by pointing to the President's recent rigorous schedule and touting policy achievements from "Bidenomics" to foreign policy. FOX News Washington-Based Correspondent Mark Meredith joins to discuss the significance of President Biden's visit at the G20 Summit, how his schedule may continue to ramp up leading into the 2024 Election, and what he can continue to do to stave off concerns surrounding his age.   Critics from both ends of the political spectrum are calling for answers as many border communities and sanctuary cities across the country are struggling to keep up with the influx of migrants. Some blame the Biden administration's border policies; others blame the lack of law enforcement. FOX News Contributor and former State Department Spokesperson, Marie Harf explains why politicians need to come up with realistic solutions and explains why the argument for a living wage coincides with the nation's border crisis. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Extra: Gov. Sununu On The GOP Race, Gerrymandering, And Why "Good" People Don't Run For Office

Former President Trump continues to hold a big lead over his GOP rivals. He currently leads in both national polls and in key states like New Hampshire, which is an early-voting state and historically has had a good track record selecting the next United States President.  However, the Granite State's governor does not believe the race in New Hampshire or for the Republican nomination is over.  On the Rundown earlier this week, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) explained to the Rundown's why he thinks there is plenty of time for President Trump's opponents to catch up. He laid out how they can do so and discussed scenarios where the former President loses.  Sununu also shared why his state is proud of its first-in-the-nation primary tradition, and why he thinks gerrymandering contributed to the polarization of political parties in the country. We made edits for time and thought you might like to hear our entire conversation with FOX News Sunday Anchor Shannon Bream. On today's FOX News Rundown Extra, you'll hear even more from the outspoken governor and get more of his insights on how politics is broken, but also why he is optimistic about the country's future.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit