WATCH: The 800 Pound Elephant In The Room

Joe Biden has many of the collective qualifications Americans have liked in a president. A childhood with family financial struggles that a determined father overcame. A law degree. Experience in local government. Enduring family tragedies. Experience in the U.S. Senate. Experience in the executive branch.

Biden would be only the fourth of 13 postwar presidents with no military experience. But he does have a lot of money now, a pair of homes and a photogenic rescue dog.

However, the former vice president does have one unusual trait for someone who wants to become commander in chief. He’s old, very old. Biden would be 78 on Inauguration Day 2021, making him by far the oldest incoming president ever.

Should there be an age limit on people who want to run for President. Rod will take your comments on this during today's show at 888.570.8010

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