Jake Tapper calls out the media

I'm getting kind of tired on this back and forth on the Ray Moore story. There are things that are concerning in this arena, but there has so far yet to be any proof that any sexual abuse or assault took place. And the timing of this certainly seems incredibly suspicious. Admittedly yes with the fact that many powerful figures are now being called out for their years of sexual misconduct there is an atmosphere of empowerment for the victims to come forward and confront their accusers, but still this just seems off. Why wait until now to make the accusations? 

And keep in mind not everything being said was about him doing something illegal. Is a 30-year-old hitting on and dating girls in their late teens creepy? Without question yes. But given how the age of consent is 16 in Alabama he's technically innocent of any wrong doing, even in the event anything had happened. 

But what I'm really tired of is the double standard the media has for the numerous victims of Slick Willy and how they're down trodden and maligned while the media circles the wagon to protect a serial sexual predator. Thankfully there are some willing to call out their own for their hypocrisy.


Thank you for showing even the slightest degree of journalistic integrity. You're one of the last few respectable journalists in the mainstream media.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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