Not this again...

Ya know it just keeps going and going. This whole Trump-Russia thing is like the friggen Energizer Bunny. And every time the narrative seems to change, another wrench gets thrown in the works that the media pounces on trying to spin it in to some sort of evidence of treason because they are so desperate to remove the man from office. Granted it doesn't help when the optics of these meetings look so bad that it could give valid rise to accusations.

It really is kinda amateur hour right now. One of the Trumps will do something to tweak the media, they'll run with a narrative for a while, and then everyone will think treason and some such. Like this story for example.

If you read the article they clearly lay out what this supposed collaboration meeting was about and how it wasn't some shadowy back room deal to rig the election. But, that's not the narrative you'd hear from the MSM. Indeed most of them are interviewing an endless conga line of guests about how this constitutes treason and whatnot. But it is what it is I guess.

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Rod Arquette

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