Angry Rabbit Terrorizes Neighborhood

Funny Rabbit (4 years old)

Photo: Getty Images

An angry rabbit has been terrorizing a neighborhood in Perry, Iowa. The rabbit has bitten at least two people, including Roman Rustan.

Rustan told KCCI that the rabbit attacked her before hopping away to harass her neighbor, trapping them in their car.

"It came around to her car and wouldn't let her out of her car," Rustan said.

Police told the news station that they previously received a report that a 13-year-old who lived near Rustan was also bitten by the same rabbit.

"The Perry Police Department said it's a been a rabbit that has been around terrorizing people," Rustan said.

After Rustan contacted authorities, they sent a team to capture the rabbit. They managed to trap the angry critter and released it near the city's wastewater treatment plant. Luckily, the rabbit seems to have moved on and is leaving people alone.

Officials said the rabbit was not tested for rabies.

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