Alabama Inmate Who Survived Execution Attempt Dies Of Cancer

Doyle Lee Hamm

Photo: Alabama Department of Corrections

An Alabama death row inmate, who survived an attempt to execute him, died following a years-long battle with cancerDoyle Lee Hamm was convicted of killing a motel clerk during a robbery in 1987 and was scheduled to be executed in February 2018.

Hamm's execution was halted after doctors were unable to locate a suitable vein to inject his body with the lethal chemicals. He remained on the gurney two-and-a-half hours as they tried to find another way to inject him with the drugs. The decision to halt the execution was made after he began to bleed on the gurney.

His lawyers eventually reached an agreement with corrections officials to stop any future attempts to execute him. As part of the deal, Hamm was to remain on death row for the remainder of his life.

Hamm was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma in 2014, and the Alabama Department of Corrections said that he "passed away from complications related to a terminal illness." Authorities said that an autopsy will be conducted to determine his exact cause of death.

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