Police Dog Leaps Through Truck Window To Take Down Stalking Suspect

A fearless police dog named Duke jumped through the broken driver's side window of a truck to take down a man accused of stalking and trying to run over his estranged wife. Officers in Fontana, California, were responding to a stalking call when they encountered 31-year-old Julio Vasquez. They attempted to stop Vasquez, but he fled from the officers and led them on an hour-long high-speed chase.

The chase involved multiple agencies and finally ended roughly 25 miles away in Corona when officers used a pit maneuver to stop Vasquez's truck. He refused the exit the vehicle, so officers fired rubber pellets to break the window. That's when Duke sprung into action.

Video captured the moment Duke leapt through the half-broken window and started biting Vasquez. He tried to fight off the dog but eventually surrendered. He was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Duke was unharmed, despite getting punched a few times by Vasquez.

"For a dog to do what Duke did, with no regard for his own safety, or any danger to him, he was there sure all our officers were safe," Corona Police Sergeant Chad Fountain told the Daily Mail.

Duke is a Belgian Malinois, which is the same breed as Conan, the dog who assisted U.S. Special forces in the raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

"They're just awesome," Fountain said. "They're very athletic and muscular. They just will go, go, go. It doesn't matter if they're tired or not. They're just very driven animals, and they love to work."

Vasquez is facing charges of felony stalking and felony evading after police.