Which Black Friday Shopper Are You?

Chances are that you are one of the types of Black Friday shoppers on this list.

The Campers - These are the people who are willing to cut their Thanksgiving dinner short to make it to the mall. And some of them have been camped out for days. Now, THAT'S dedication!

The Bored Teen - These kids got dragged to the stores to do the heavy lifting - literally mom brought them to put the TV in the back of the car.

The Overzealous Loner - This person had a goal (keyword 'had') and thought they could handle Black Friday and everything that comes along with it but became way too overwhelmed. Their best bet is to just head home for leftovers!

The Black Friday Over Enthusiasts - Somehow, in your Thanksgiving prep you managed to have custom Black Friday t-shirts and hats made for your annual shopping pilgrimage. No one is sure how successful they are in their shopping endeavors, but they get an 'A' for effort.

The Spoiled Rotten - Even though Christmas is just around the corner, these kids get what they want on Black Friday.

The In and Outs - These people know exactly what they want and where it is in the store. Outside of the great deals, they hate Black Friday and can't wait to get back home.

The Coupon Queen - These master planners and scammers can walk out of stores without spending a dime. Don't get in their way - they are on a mission!

The Indecisive Shoppers - They linger. They get in the way. They have no Idea what they are doing, and they have no business being involved in the Black Friday festivities.

The Stressed Out Dads - These guys didn't know what they were in for. They came for moral support, but just didn't have the stamina!

The Hoarders - They grab everything in sight, whether they need it or not - they will decide that later.

The Babies - Note to parents: Leave the kids at home; Black Friday is no place for them.

The Champion - This is the person who is able to accomplish the ultimate feat: all of her Christmas shopping is done within ONE insane trip to the mall!

The Shopaholics - These people only shop on this day... out of the entire year. You better get everything you need!

The One That Stays Home - These people don't want anything to do with the large crowds on Black Friday, so they sleep in and stay home. They are calm and collected and never get into arguments or fights during the Black Friday sales because they aren't there.

Photo: Big Stock Photo


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