Parowan man arrested for assaulting wife

Police arrested a Parowan man Tuesday after he allegedly beat his wife and threatened her life.

According to the probable cause statement, police responded to a weapons offense at the home of 64-year-old George Henry Strain. Strain's wife told police her husband had hit her repeatedly with a knife and threatened her with it. He also told her was going to kill her.

According to the statement, as Strain's wife attempted to get away, he hit her head into a door.

The woman has disabilities and is in a wheelchair, according to a statement from the responding officer. He wrote, "She needs constant assistance to do daily chores."

The woman's son responded after hearing her call for help and was able to get her away from Strain. He and other witnesses told police they had seen Strain with a knife in his hand when he attacked the woman.

Photo courtesy of Iron County Sheriff's Office.


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