Cab carjacked at knifepoint

Police have arrested two people in connection to a carjacking of a Salt Lake City taxi. Shortly before midnight Wednesday night police received a call of a carjacking around 1500 S. State St. Officers were informed that a man had attempted to hold the driver of a cab at knifepoint, but that the cab driver was not injured.

Using GPS police were able to track the cab and the carjacker. Upon being discovered the carjacker led police on a chase to West Valley City and back with speeds reaching up to 80 mph. Police were eventually forced to use a spike strip to puncture the tires of the vehicle, then resorted to foam bullets in an effort to shatter the windows. Despite being brought to a complete stop the driver and a passenger refused to surrender to police and officers were forced to use tear gas to force them out of the car, then a K-9 unit to take them into custody when they refused to cooperate with officer's commands.

Jordan Kent, 24, has booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on charges of aggravated assault, robbery and possession of drug paraphernalia. So far there has been information regarding the other individual taken into custody.

Photo courtesy of Salt Lake County Jail


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