Calls for Utah County Commission to resign growing

Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves is receiving further pressure to resign after more government watchdog and victim advocacy groups have added to the number already demanding he do so. Alliance for a Better Utah has launched an online petition to gather support for Graves resigning, and has urged other Utahn's to do the same. The group is the latest to join a growing number of voices demanding Graves resign, including both of his fellow county commissioners.

The calls come as Graves continues to deny allegations of sexual harassing a county employee. An investigator with the Utah County Attorney's Office has said their investigation did not find any evidence to corroborate the allegations of sexual harassment that were being made against Graves, and failed to produce anything that would have implicated Graves in violation of any laws or policies. However, the investigation details that Graves is "widely viewed as a workplace bully, dishonest, demeaning, intimidating, threatening and explosive." The finding does corroborate at least part of the allegation, claiming he has shown behavior others find to be bullying, intimidating, and explosive in the workplace.

Photo courtesy of Utah County


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