Two teens involved in shooting at Wendy's

Two warrants have been issued for a pair of teens connected with a shooting that occurred at a Wendy's franchise location. Police say that on Nov. 8 shots were fired from a vehicle into the establishment, with one shattering a front window and another leaving a hole in the second window. While it is believed that the gunmen were targeting a specific individual there happened to be several people inside the restaurant at the time of the shooting. Despite shards of glass and two shots fired, nobody was injured. A black handgun was recovered near the scene, and it is believed to be the weapon used.

A witness at the restaurant was able to get a license plate number as the pair suspected of firing at the location were speeding away. However, the vehicle reported was one already being sought after by investigators for a role they believe it may have played in a different shooting. A surveillance team was set up at the address the car was registered to, and two men were taken in for questioning, but were eventually released and deemed not to be suspects in the case.

However, police did learn from one of the men questioned had a younger brother who had sent him a cryptic message on Facebook, asking him to pick up the car and take it home because "something bad had happened." Police took the car for processing and discovered a shell casing that closely resembled the one recovered outside the Wendy's the shooting had occurred at. 

Police have given now details as to the identities of the teens they believe to be involved, apart from stating they know who they are and that they are actively looking for them.

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