Cedar city home destroyed by brush fire

A home was destroyed Sunday afternoon, after high winds fanned a brush fire toward the residence. Around 2:30 p.m. fire crews responded to the scene equipped for the brush fire, but lost control of the situation when the wind pushed the blaze into the house. Additional crews were called to the scene, along with three more engines, a ladder truck, and rescue equipment.

Despite their efforts to keep the fire contained it quickly spread to two nearby sheds and an RV, sending billowing clouds of black smoke into the air. When the fire was put out it was determined the home, RV, and sheds had sustained too much damage and were deemed un-salvageable. However, the occupants of the home were able to be evacuated to safety without injury.

Fire crews are continuing their investigation of what ignited the blaze. There is no word on an estimate as to the anticipated cost of the fire damage.

Public domain photo


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