John Curtis wins former Chaffetz seat in congress

Provo mayor John Curtis has been elected to replace former Congressman Jason Chaffetz, following the results of a special election held Tuesday evening. The win was announced less than an hour after polls had closed for the special election, and the news was given to loud cheers from supporters of Curtis in a ballroom of the Provio Marriot. By the end of the evening Curtis had received concession calls from most of the other candidates who had entered the race.

The win was hardly surprising for the Provo mayor, as most national news outlets had polled him well ahead of all the other candidates in the weeks leading up to the special election. Shortly after polls closed Curtis led with more than 59% of the vote, with Democrat challenger Kathie Allen coming in second with just over 25%. The win means Curtis could be sworn in to fill the remainder of Chaffetz's term as early as next Monday.

Former Representative Jason Chaffetz resigned from congress earlier this year saying he wished to spend more time with his family.

Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons


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