Son arrested in connection with parent's deaths

A man is under arrest on suspicion he was involved in the death of his elderly parents. Late Saturday evening officers were called to conduct a welfare check at a residence in Holladay. When they arrived police found the bodies of Robert Liddiard, 85, and his wife Diane Liddiard, 78, deceased. Upon investigating the scene officers went to a home in Millcreek, where they arrested the couple's son Robert Liddiard, 51, and arrested him in connection with the deaths.

Police say that family members of the deceased had called to request the welfare check, after the son had made comments that led them to believe the couple might be in danger. They also say that they already had a good idea of where they needed to go to find the son, and were able to take him into custody fairly quickly after spotting his truck parked outside. It is unclear if the home he was arrested in is his actual residence.

As of late Saturday Liddiard was still in police custody being questioned. Family members and officers note he has been struggling with a severe mental illness for a while now.

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