Classes canceled at U after student killed

Classes at the University of Utah were canceled Tuesday, after a student was killed by a man already wanted in connection with a separate homicide. Austin Boutain, 24, is suspected of killing University of Utah student ChenWei Guo Monday night, after an attempted carjacking. Guo is said to have been sitting in his car near Red Butte Canyon when Boutain approached and shot him in an attempt to take control of the vehicle.

Police say the shooting occurred around 9 p.m., after a woman claims Boutain assaulted her. The woman told police Boutain was in the canyon and that she believed he was armed with a gun. It was believed Boutain and his wife were hiding out in the hills of the canyon, and over 100 officers spent most of the night searching for their campsite. A rifle was found at what police believe may have been the campsite the couple used, but it is unclear if that is the actual weapon used in the killing. The pair was already wanted in connection with another murder that happened in Colorado only a few days ago.

Police do not believe that this qualifies as an active shooter scenario, but have warned that Boutain is believed to be armed and highly dangerous. Officers are continuing to search the foothills of the Red Butte Canyon area, and have taken the precaution of bringing in snipers to provide protection.

Boutain has no history of criminal activity in Utah, although he does have at least some history outside the state. Two years ago Boutain pleaded guilty to the charges of disrupting official business and disorderly conduct when he violently ran through the floor of a hospital. As part of that plea deal the disorderly conduct charge was dropped.

Boutain's wife, Kathleen Boutain, turned herself in to police after contacting them to say she was the victim of a domestic violence assault. She's been arrested on an offense unrelated to the murder, and is being held until authorities in Colorado have time to investigate further.

Anyone with information about Boutain is uged to call 801-799-3000.


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