Man dead after fight at Halloween party

A fight that broke out at a Saturday evening Halloween party in Ogden has left a man dead. Ogden police say that the victim had been involved with a verbal altercation between some of those attending the party and the occupants of a vehicle that had driven by the scene. The individuals inside the car returned to the party around 9 p.m. to continue that fight, and it became physical. When officers arrived at the scene they found a man to be unresponsive. Despite rushing him to a nearby hospital, he was too far gone and later died at the facility.

The man's name has not been released yet, but police have said they would do so following the autopsy scheduled to take place Monday. As of Saturday evening police had been unable to find a suspect. More than 30 people were present at the party and witnessed the attack, and while police say they have interviewed the majority of them they ask that anyone present who did not speak with police contact them at or call 801-629-8221.

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