Car rollover leaves 1 injured, 2 arrested

A rollover accident at a construction site in West Jordan late Tuesday evening has resulted in one person being critically injured, and another two people under arrest. An officer with West Jordan police began to follow the vehicle around 11 p.m., but it sped off before he was able to pull it over. The officer then watched as the car entered a construction site, lost traction on some loose gravel, and ultimately rolled several times. The driver of the vehicle was thrown from the car during the roll over, and is said to have suffered significant injuries to their head and spine. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in extremely critical condition.

As officers were investigating the crash site they reportedly found drug paraphernalia in a backpack, along with stolen credit cards. Two passengers, Antown Longshore, 45, and Trey Anthony Rodriguez, 21-were arrested for investigation of possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful acquisition and possession of a financial card.

Public domain photo


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