Alleged serial people in court once again

A man accused of peeping into the windows of several apartments at a Layton complex is back in court Tuesday, as the investigation into his activities continues. Steve Callen, 31, of Roy is facing charges that he secretly recorded women with his phone through their windows on several occasions. According to a search warrant that was unsealed Monday, Callen was spotted between May 7 and May 22 at the complex, located near Hill Air Force Base.

On May 22 he was spotted at the complex and caught by police. He admitted to looking in the window of woman woman, even though he didn't know her. According to the warrant Callen consented to show officers "limited photos and videos from his phone, which contained images of the victim in nude and sexual acts." After investigating further, detectives found four people at the complex that believe Callen was "either watching them from their window or inside their apartment." In July, Callen was arrested again for voyeurism and criminal trespass at the same complex.

The cases from May and July involved different victims. Investigators remain unsure why the particular complex was targeted.

Photo courtesy of Davis County Sheriff's Office


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