Uintah fire caused by downed power line

Weber County officials are claiming the cause of a large fire which destroyed three homes and three other structures on Tuesday was caused by a downed power line. Authorities have said that only a few hours after the fire had begun they received reports of a downed power line in the area that they believe the fire originated from. In a statement Rocky Mountain Power said it is working with officials from both the state and the county as they continue to investigate the matter.

“We are aware of the county’s findings and announcement. The company is conducting its own investigation which is still ongoing,” the company said in the statement. "We express our sympathies to the families harmed by the fire at this difficult time. We also appreciate the efforts of local public safety officials and firefighters who have worked tirelessly to prevent the spread of this fire."

The fire has been reported to be 85 percent contained as of the last time information was given. It continues to burn brush and grasses across Uintah and has already blazed across more than 600 acres.

Public domain photo


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