Man dies from officer involved shooting

A man is dead after an officer-involved shooting Sunday evening. Shortly after 10 p.m. a police officer stopped a pedestrian on the side of the road. The officer, as well as two other officers, were talking with the man when "produced a weapon," according to a spokesperson for the Salt Lake City Police. The officers utilized "de-escalation tactics" to try and disarm him, but they proved unsuccessful and one of the officers was forced to shoot the armed man. 

Despite life-saving aid being administered immediately after and calling medical personnel to the scene, the man died after being taken to a nearby hospital. No details have been given describing the man, apart from that he was an African-American adult male. The officer who shot the man has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

All three officers were wearing body cameras at the time of the incident, but it's unknown if they were activated when the shooting occurred.

Public domain photo

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