Springville man arrested for attempted murder

Police have arrested a Springville man who they claim attempted to kill his 4-month-old daughter during an argument with his wife. Philip Hatfield, 27, was found wandering naked in the roadway near his house around 2:20 a.m. Sunday morning, according to officials with Springville Police Department. At the time he was found Hatfield appeared to be under the influence of some controlled substance, and was shouting he'd killed his infant daughter and needed to be arrested.

Police then noticed that Hatfield's wife was holding what appeared to be a lifeless infant, with injuries to her head, eyes, face, arms, and legs according to jail records. The wife told police Hatfield began to push her until she dropped the infant, then picked up the baby and threw the infant down against a hard surface. Hatfield later admitted, despite being advised of his Miranda rights, that he had been trying to kill the infant at the time. He also said he had been smoking marijuana earlier and was also on prescription medication. 

The child was transported to a nearby hospital and later a children's hospital for treatment on fractures to her skull, injuries to her back, a deformed leg, as well as other scrapes and bruises to her body. Hatfield was arrested on suspicion of attempted aggravated murder and child abuse by intentionally inflicting serious physical injury. He was also arrested on suspicion of lewdness, assault and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

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