Deadly fire in West Jordan result of explosion

A fatal fire that occurred at a West Jordan condominium complex Sunday afternoon has been ruled to be the result of an accidental explosion. Judy Pedersen, 66, was killed after an explosion in her apartment started a fire at the complex. Investigators would later find that a knob on her gas stove was found in the "on" position.

Shane Stegan, 26, and Hayley Morrison-Stegen, 23, were living above Pedersen's unit and felt the explosion around 3 p.m. They were forced to jump from their second floor apartment to escape the flames and serious injury. The fall was estimated to be around 30 feet, and they are being treated for possible broken bones and bruising.

So far 11 people have been displaced and all 8 units in the building have been dealt smoke, fire, and water damage.

Public domain photo

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