1 dead, 3 injured from early morning assault

An early morning assault has left one person dead and another three injured. Round 7 a.m. Tuesday morning officers responded to a call reporting an assault had taken place in downtown Salt Lake City. When officers arrived at the scene they saw that one of the individuals involved in the altercation had been struck in the head several time with an object, resulting in their death. Officials with Salt Lake police say that they are looking at multiple crime scenes and that it will take some time to piece all of the evidence together, but that everyone involved in the incident has been taken into custody for questioning. It remains unknown if there were multiple attackers or what sparked the initial confrontation that led to a person's death.

Four victims were involved in the incident, but the condition of the other three remains unknown for the moment. Anyone who witnessed the assault has been asked to contact police at 801-799-3000

Public domain photo


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