Evacuations continue as Brian head fire grows

More emergency crews have been dispatched to the front lines of the Brian Head Fire, in an effort to assist those already on site continue to try and halt the advance of the blaze. Currently two teams are tackling the fire from different angles in an effort to narrow it's size and slow the spread. Despite the efforts so far, officials still fear that the winds being forcasted by meteorologists will play a role in pushing the fire north of the town of Panguitch.

Meanwhile evacuation orders are continuing to be issued to residents in the area. Residents of Upper Bear Valley were ordered to leave Monday morning out of concerns the weather could make the path of the blaze shift towards population centers. With the flames now spanning over 49,000 acres in size the resources of emergency personnel are being stretched thin, and the blaze remains at only 10% contained as of Tuesday morning.

Public domain photo


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