Cops were tipped off about Sandy shooter

Police had been investigating an anonymous tip about a man who wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend and himself, just before he took her life, that of her son, and his own in a shooting that also left two children injured. The tipster had called 911 about Jeremy Patterson after getting a message from Patterson saying he had just broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to kill her and himself, according a police report filed in Draper. The woman calling in the tip told a police dispatcher she wanted to remain anonymous as she feared for her safety should it become known she had called police. A Draper officer investigated the call the same day Patterson, 32, shot at the car his ex-girlfriend Memorez Rackley was riding in, resulting in the death of herself and her 6-year-old son. 

The shooting took place three days after Rackley had told police Patterson had been stalking her and that she feared for her safety, according to documents filed with Sandy police. She did not intend to press charges, but was seeking a protective order for him to stay away from her and her children. However, court records show that she had yet to do so before the shooting occurred.

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