UT truck driver charged in fatal crash

A Utah truck driver is facing felony charges in a case involving his truck crashing into another vehicle and killing an occupant. Chad Henderson, 50, of Layton, has been charged with aggravated homicide by vehicle, and aggravated assault and battery. Prosecutors say that Ashley Michelle Mathews, 26, of Willimaston South Carolina, died the day following the crash in Wyoming. Another occupant of the vehicle, Christopher Albert Burton, 30, of Greenville, South Carolina, suffered a fractured vertebra as a result of the collision.  The pair had been in a pickup truck on a shoulder of I-80 in Wyoming when Henderson allegedly ran into the back of the vehicle.

Henderson told investigators he'd simply reached down to grab some candy and took his eyes off the road for only a second, before he drifted onto the shoulder near Rawlins. According to court records, Henderson told investigators he'd planned to stop at a truck stop in Rawlins in order to get some sleep.

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