SUV crashes into house during police chase

A police chase that ran from Provo to Alpine ended with an SUV crashing into the side of a house. According to a Facebook post by the Provo police around 10 a.m. an officer made attempted to make a traffic stop with a vehicle he believed to have been stolen. When questioned the driver claimed he was unaware that the car had been stolen, and had been driving the vehicle to Salt Lake City on the request of his friend Joshua Kunz. He informed officers Kunz was driving a white Toyota Highlander, which Unified police had already identified as stolen.

Investigators managed to locate the Highlander being driven by Kunz, with a female passenger riding along. When police confronted Kunz he took off and slammed into the side of a house before taking off again. A Utah County Sheriff's office fixed wing craft monitored the situation as it unfolded along I-15. Deputies from the Sheriff's Office also began trailing Kunz throughout the chase, until it eventually ended in Alpine. Officers arrested Kunz, 33, and Linda Rose Garcia, 29, in connection with the pursuit, and both were taken into custody for investigation of evading police, drug possession, and possessing stolen property.

Photo courtesy of Provo Police Department


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