Family survives two days stranded on river

A Colorado family visiting Utah on a family vacation believes that their faith and an unseen power helped sustain them through a horrible experience. The family had been rafting along the Escalante River, which they referred to as their "happy place." But, weather shifted and one of the rafts carrying the family ended up flipping. Everyone made it to safety, but most of the gear had been lost, as well the food and medicine that was able to be salvaged. To make things worse, the hike back to civilization was roughly ten miles over steep and unpredictable terrain.

After two days of being stranded the family claims they prayed for help. They say within two minutes rescue helicopters spotted them and they were safely extracted from the area. Ironically, the teams had been out looking for a missing kayaker that had last been seen in that area, and were unaware of the family being missing.

Public domain photo


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