Four people charged with kidnapping woman

Charges have been brought against four people that police say were involved with kidnapping a woman, duct taping her, putting a gun in her mouth, and pulling the trigger. Sky Tailnne Gardner, 22, Chrystal Rose Gardner, 33, and Ashley Tapoof Brooks, 28, are each charged in 8th District Court with aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony; and aggravated assault resulting in serious injury, a second-degree felony. Charges allege that on Feb. 22 the three and an as yet unidentified teenager kidnapped a woman because they believed the sister of the victim to be a "snitch," as well as owed them money.

The group took the woman to a residence where her hands were bound with duct tape. According to charging documents Chrystal Gardner allegedly then "placed a gun in her mouth three separate times and pulled the trigger." The charges go on to further state that "after the first time, Chrystal placed two bullets in the gun, and then stuck the gun into her mouth and pulled the trigger."

Miraculously the victim was not shot. She was then put into a crawl space under the residence. When the group pulled her out of the crawl space, they threatened to hurt her family before hitting her in the mouth with the gun, breaking "some" of her teeth and cutting her lip in the process. 

When the woman was left alone, she called for a cab to escape from her situation. As of Wednesday arrest warrants remain outstanding for Brooks and Chrystal Gardner, according to court records. Sky Gardner was scheduled to be back in court Monday.

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