No California files charged against USC player

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have decided not to to file sexual assault charges against a suspended USC football player who is is awaiting trial on similar charges here in Utah. Documents released by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said it would be too difficult to prove in court that Osa Masina had sex with a woman who was too intoxicated to consent. Masina has pleaded not guilty in Utah, and has said the sex was consensual in both cases. 

The woman told investigators that Masina and another teammate of his took sexual advantage of her while she had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol, at a party in Los Angeles on July 16. While the charges in California, the Utah charges stemming from a similar incident on July 25 remain standing. In that case the woman claims that edible marijuana and alcohol served at a party in Utah had rendered her unable to consent or even move, and that Masina sexually assaulted her once more. She went to authorities in Utah four days after the alleged assault, and then divulged the information about what had occurred in Los Angeles.

Masina has been suspended from all team activities while the investigations play out. The dropping of charges in California has not changed his status and he remains suspended.

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