Two teens dead after post-prom car crash

Two teenagers are dead and another three are injured following a vehicle crash in Moab the morning after their junior prom. The vehicle was heading north about 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning, when the driver sped around a curve, rolling the vehicle several times. Three of the teenagers weren't wearing seat belts and were ejected from the vehicle. Two were pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators are still unsure if the two teens not thrown from the wreck were wearing seat belts or not. The three surviving teens were rushed to Moab Regional Hospital in serious to critical condition, and were later taken by helicopter to other hospitals. 

Speed is considered to have been a contributing factor in the crash. Alcohol is also being investigated as a possible contributor, but investigators are still looking into that detail. No names or ages have been given as of Sunday.

Public domain photo


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