Swallow jury expected to begin deliberations

The jury assigned to the high profile case of former Utah Attorney General John  Swallow is expected to begin deliberations today. Swallow had been charged with 12 felonies and one misdemeanor when the trial began on Feb. 7, but prosecutors have since dropped four of the felonies. Jurors will hear closing arguments from the attorneys representing each side, then adjourn to decide Swallow's fate. If they return with a guilty verdict, Swallow could face upwards of fifty years in prison.

Swallow now has to face charges of unlawful activity, accepting a gift, two counts of receiving or soliciting a bribe, and making false statements, all second-degree felonies with potential penalties of one to 15 years in prison. He also is charged with one count of evidence tampering, misuse of public money and obstruction of justice, all third-degree felonies with potential penalties of zero to five years in prison. Swallow is also charged with falsifying a government record, a class B misdemeanor.

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