FBI agent continues to testify in Swallow trial

The lead investigator will finish his testimony Thursday in the trial of former Utah Attorney General John Swallow. FBI special agent Jon Isakson will be the last witness provided by the prosecution, before the state turns the case over to the defense. Isakson was grilled by Swallow's lawyer, Scott Williams, about why the Department of Justice declined to file charges against Swallow and his predecessor, Mark Shurtleff, in 2013. Despite the judge's earlier ruling that the issue was off-limits for the trial, Isakson brought it up while being questioned by prosecutors. Williams objected, aruging that the state never provided the defense evidence about the DOJ decision. Jurors had to be sent away while attorneys questions Isakson.

The DOJ Public Integrity Section issued a letter in September of 2013 that they were not going to file charges against Shurtleff or Swallow without explanation. Isakson testified that he and the other agents asked the DOJ to back off since they wanted to work with state prosecutors, as they believe some of the alleged crimes were better suited to state court. After receiving the letter, local FBI agents continued to work on the case with state investigators. The prosecution is expected to rest following Isakson's testimony.

Swallow is charged with a dozen felonies and on misdemeanor, including things such as racketeering, bribery, accept gifts, and misuse of public money.

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