Midway man killed by 700 pound block of ice

A 50-year-old Midway man is dead after a being hit by an extremely large chunk of ice. Joe Henry was cleaning the windows of a home in Park City's Old Town District on Friday when the large ice chunk fell, struck him on the head, and pinned him under the snow. It is estimated Henry was trapped for 45 minutes before neighbors noticed him and called 911.

The block of ice was estimated to be 700 pounds in weight, and ended up being more than four firefighters could lift on their own, eventually resorting to a sledgehammer to get the heavy ice off of Henry. He suffered "major head trauma" as a result of being struck by the ice. Despite being flown by helicopter to University Hospital, he died from his injuries early Saturday.

Firefighters believe this to have been an accident and that Henry was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The city has received a large amount of snow this season, with many homes and roofs building up large piles of snow.

Public domain photo


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