It’s Liberating Not to Fear Outside Opinions

RUSH: Happy Thanksgiving, and happy beginning of the holiday season from all of us here at the EIB Network to all of you.

Back to the phones to Elkhart, Indiana, this is Rhonda, and I'm glad you waited. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. You know your line “Talent on loan from God”? You say it all the time. But the other day you added one sentence that struck me so much, I went and got a pen and I wrote it down, and this is what you said. "It will be recalled at some point." And I realized that this is how I have been living my life. I've had some really hard and painful things that have happened to me in my life, and so for many years I was just consumed with fear.

But it was a real encounter with the mighty love of God that just healed me from all that junk and got rid of my fear, and I'm telling you, the day that my talent and my opportunities are recalled, that will be a happy day for me, because I just do not live with regrets anymore. I leave it all out on the field. And so if there's anything I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving season, it is that truth.

RUSH: How did you do it? A lot of people would love to know how you did it. You said you were living a lot of your life in fear and regret, and you don't anymore. So how did you do that?

CALLER: I don't, actually. I mean, I'm a person of faith --

RUSH: Right, how did you stop? How did you --

CALLER: When I knew the love of God for me. I've learned that actually the opposite of fear isn't really faith. It's love. Because it says in the New Testament perfect love casts out fear. And I'm telling you, once I got a grasp on the actual unconditional love of God for me, it just melted my fears away. And I can do anything, and I can go anywhere. And all the pain that I've had in my life, it all makes so much sense now --

RUSH: It sounds like you were living your life with a whole bunch of self-imposed limitations that you realized you had put there and you could easily remove them.

CALLER: Well, but I couldn't do it on my own, Rush. There was no way.

RUSH: When you say you were living your life in fear, give me a couple examples. If you'd rather not -- I'm not trying to pry, but --

CALLER: No. Well, for one thing, just absolute terror about other people's opinion of me. And so I couldn't speak out, I couldn't use my voice because other people's opinion ruled me. Well, it doesn't anymore because I am so full of God's love for me that it just flows out of me to other people. It is the most amazing way to live. I mean, I can meet anybody, transgenders, drunks, lesbians, and I have nothing but the love of God that flows from me.

RUSH: Transgenders, lesbians, and drunks, you can meet anybody --


RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Anybody, anywhere, and I have so much courage now to speak when I need to speak, to do things that would have just been terrifying to me before --

RUSH: And it was discovering a personal relationship with God that led you to this. Is that what you're saying?

CALLER: Oh, yes. Yes. And so now that I'm convinced of God's love for me, there just isn't anything that can scare me anymore.

RUSH: Well, that is great. That's a great thing to have happen to anybody, especially getting rid of the fear of what other people think. That's paralyzing.

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