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Rod Arquette Show: Why is the Country so Polarized? Plus, Questions About U

Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown – Tuesday, July 2, 2024

:38 pm: Brett Tolman former U.S. Attorney and Executive Director of Right on Crime joins the program to discuss the Supreme Court decision that says former presidents can’t be prosecuted for official actions taken while in the White House.

5:05 pm: John Goodman, President of the Goodman Institute, joins the show to discuss his piece for on why the country is so polarized.

6:05 pm: Derek Monson, Public Policy Director at the Sutherland Institute joins Rod to discuss his piece in the Deseret News about how the results of the primary elections in Utah raise questions about the caucus convention system.

6:20 pm: Charles Lipson, Professor of International Politics at the University of Chicago and a contributor to The Spectator joins Rod for a conversation about the hard choice Joe Biden faces if he stays in the presidential race.

6:38 pm: Judge Glock, Senior Fellow and Director of Research for the Manhattan Institute joins Rod to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a Grants Pass, Oregon law that that essentially bans homeless people from sleeping in public areas.

6:50 pm: Steve Cortes, Founder of the League of American Workers joins the program for a conversation about his piece for Real Clear Politics on how swing state voters place the blame for high food prices squarely on Joe Biden.

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