A Parental Challenge

Dear Gender-Confused, Questioning, or Queer Guy with the beard wearing lipstick:

I saw your open letter to parents like me with young children who stare at you when you are out fannying about in your skirt and your lipstick without bothering to shave your face or attempting to pass as a woman in any way. You think it’s rude that my kid stares at you in the mall or at the beach or wherever you happen to be defying all gender-normative behavior. You don’t like it and you especially don’t like it when I tell my child not to stare at strangers or talk about them in public. You think I should drop whatever I’m doing at the moment to explain queer theory to my kindergartner.

Let me save you the trouble of worrying about this a second longer.That’s not going to happen. 

Megan Fox from PJMedia joins Rod today to discuss her open letter and will take your calls about being a parent in similar situations. Listen to Rod starting at 4pm .

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