WATCH: How Many Times Can The Dems And The Media Say "Recession"

Credit the comedian and HBO talk show host Bill Maher for being blunt. He has a gift for making text what is otherwise subtext.

It’s no secret that the Democratic party and its allies in the media are salivating to defeat President Donald Trump next year. And they know that their best shot will be if the economy — which has been going gangbusters for the past several years — starts to slow. Incumbent presidents often have a tough time earning re-election in tough economic conditions.

Many of the president’s opponents, in other are words, are rooting for a recession — though they can’t say so out loud. It harkens back to the old Communist revolutionary adage: “The worse, the better.”

Are you fearful of a recession? The media is doing all they can to convince you one in on the way.


Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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