What Is He Trying To Prove?

The BYU student who gained national attention for his dancing routine while dressed as the school mascit, Cosmo, wirtes an op-ed in the D-News about his other life.

Read Part of the Oped from Charlie Bird:

As Cosmo the Cougar at Brigham Young University, I kept the best part of my life a secret from everyone around me by wearing a mask. I traveled the country, performed for millions of people, took pictures with screaming fans, signed autographs and danced like no one was watching — even though everyone was.

My senior year as Cosmo was unforgettable. It was thrilling to watch fans around the globe shareCosmo’s newest dance video, which garnered hundreds of millions of views across social media platforms. I performedlive on ESPNat the College Football Awards, and NBC Sports dubbed 2017-2018 the “Year of the Mascot” in honor of Cosmo’s viral influence. When I was Cosmo, I felt invincible.

As scary as it seemed to dance in front of 60,000 people, an even scarier thought often crept into my mind — “If they knew who I really was, would they hate me?”

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