Rod’s Minute To Win It

You’ve held the town hall meetings…shaken all the hands of voters and kissed all the babies…but it’s not over yet.  

It’s your final chance to make a last-minute appeal to voters on Monday, November 5th, 2018 on Rod Arquette’s “rod’s minute to win it”. Utah’s Talk Radio 105.9 KNRS and is giving candidates for all political offices and backers and opponents of key ballot questions and propositions one minute to make their election even pitch to voters.  

If you’re a candidate or if you’ve worked on the campaign and or just know them…tell them to call Rod on Monday evening for “Rod’s Minute To Win It”. Rod will put a 60-second ticker on your call and once it ends you’re done with your last-minute pitch.  

It starts Monday night (November 5th) at 6pm. 

The number to call is 888.570.8020 or on your cellphone dial #250, keywords “hey rod”

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Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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