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1pm:  Today on .@SeanHannity: IRAN lied about its nuclear program, reaction to the disgrace that was the WHCD, and all the news 

2pm:  .@SeanHannity Despite going nowhere, the Mueller investigation lurches on. What are .@POTUS ‘ legal options? Sean+ legal eagles discuss 

2:30pm .@SeanHannity Mainstream media renews its biased effort to destroy .@POTUS , evidenced by this weekend’s despicable WHCD.

3pm: .@SeanHannity #NewsRoundup Why do U.S. military aircraft seem to be crashing somewhat regularly? .@BuzzPatterson + Gen. Tom McInerney joinSean 

3:30pm: .@SeanHannity Fresh from their visit to Capitol Hill: .@DiamondandSilk visit with Sean 

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Rod Arquette

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