Could this have cost Obama the presidency?

These days it seems like literally everything and anything negative that is said about President Trump will be openly accepted by the media as truth without even the slightest bit of authentication. Now we all know this fervent zeal by the press wasn't the case under the previous administration, but this is something that I really think we the people had a right to see and know before the election. But here he is posing with the extremely controversial leader of the "Nation of Islam" Louis Farrakhan.

This is...umm....disturbing to say the least. Farrakhan is a well known anti-semite and has blamed Jews for just about everything. He's a dangerous man with dangerous ideas, and someone who's rhetoric Obama had supposedly denounced in the past. But here we see him all smiles with the

Given the whole Jeremiah Wright debacle this would have been highly valued information to be aware of during the primary and general election. This is not okay and I think we need an explanation as to jut how close the former president is with this man.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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