Why was this a viral video?

Okay I want you to watch this first.


So I get it. Bullying sucks. It's terrible that it happens, but it does. It's just a fact of life. And while I feel for the kid...I'm not sure why this needed to be recorded in the first place. I mean yea he got his message out, but when a kid is in pain like this why would you record it and post on social media? Are you fishing for sympathy or free stuff? Like seriously...why is this a thing?

And beyond that it looks like things aren't entirely straight with his mom. Her Facebook page, now deactivated, has pictures of her kids posing with confederate flags, as well as things that some have found to be controversial by certain activists. Now I'm all for hacking off the "Black Lives Matter" extremists, but it seems like she's gone a bit...odd.

Read for yourself here

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Rod Arquette

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