Bannon is blasting Romney...

Oh boy...because nobody saw this one coming...


Without getting too much into the weeds on the Roy Moore issue here, lets just parse this down some. Romney is a good man, who just happens to have profound issues with the allegations surrounding Roy Moore. Now to be clear I have said that these allegations have thus far to be proven true and the timing has always been incredibly suspicious. However, if they are true then he NEEDS to step down. But I get why Romney would feel the way that he does about Moore and he's not entirely unjustified.

Now to simply call him a bigot because you don't like that he wasn't a fan of your hand picked candidate is unbelievable. No wonder Ben Shapiro left Breitbart because of this guy. He's a loud mouthed bomb thrower and completely without morals.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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