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Oh man the sharknado of sexual assault allegations against high profile individuals in the media continues to have one domino fall after another. Just lining them up and knocking them all down, one after another. And the latest person to get the hammer swung their way? None other than one of the hosts of the "Today Show" on NBC, Matt Lauer.

Yep...a man who has pretended to be a reporter while actually being a left wing hack for pretty much his entire career is now being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. Huh...where have we heard this before? Seems like this is a very repeatable story as of late. But thankfully it's largely stemming from the side that has for years told us "it's just sex so it's no big deal." You reap what you sow. You defend slick Willy getting sexual favors as president and the mentality of getting away with anything solidifies.

Anyways though you want to see some delicious irony? Because this is unbelievable... right there. Such an absolute scumbag to sit there and try and harp on someone who lost their job over allegations of sexual misconduct, when he himself is committing the same sin. Un-freaking-believable.

In case you're interested here are some more details about the accusations.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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