NYC truck attack was planned for weeks...

Because who is shocked at that one? I mean seriously folks we aren't treating this stuff like the extremely legitimate threat that it is so this is what happens. Yes I know it's a complicated issue, but still we get attacked and instead of tracking down where he was radicalized and how, everyone rushes to defend the one religion we keep seeing this from. 

To be clear...I am NOT anti-Muslim. I don't care what you want to believe in. So long as your God doesn't instruct you to kill me then worship whatever the crap you want. But that having been said we can't so much as raise the issue that this guy was yet another Islamic extremist without being called a bigot! He did this in the name of ISIS and yet somehow we can barely focus on that.

Not to mention, how many times has ISIS managed to get someone inside the country to do their bidding? Why are we not taking them and their social media work more seriously either? They're definitely not the "JV" team we were all told they were. And why are they so tremendously effective with their online radicalization tactics?

Wake up people! This is a serious threat and is needs to be treated as such!

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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