And now the conspiracy theorists come out...

Could we have one national tragedy that ISN'T taken by people who've detached themselves from reality and twisted to be some sort of massive conspiracy? Probably not because we live in the day and age of the interwebs so that seems to be impossible. But whatevs I guess.

I'm referring primarily to this...

Forgive me if I don't instinctively believe "Midnight in the Desert" as a trusted news outlet. I mean anything with an alien picture next to their browser tab certainly screams credibility to most, but maybe I'm just cynical or too skeptic. Just call me Mulder or Skully or whichever one of the two didn't believe in aliens.

For all their faults, and they are many, Snopes does from time to time actually do some real journalism. And thankfully they've debunked this crazy nonsense.

But again...we live in a world controlled by the interwebs and so even people like Alex "I'm sick of the government turning the frogs gay" Jones are able to speak to the truly bizarre elements of our society and rally them around a just cause or something. Go figure...

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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