They protest, people boycott...God bless America

The NFL really needs to find an appropriate way to address this issue of players routinely disrespecting the national anthem on a regular basis. They're shooting themselves in the foot if they don't stand up and tell the players that this isn't doing anyone any favors here. Because the more it goes on, the more we're gonna see things like this...


He won't be the last either. I guarantee it. We saw this last year when the sub-par Collin Kapernick decided it would be a good idea to start this trend. I still believe it was in an effort to renew his contract with the 49ers because he'd been such a disappointment to them on the field and so he wanted to stand out as some sort of social justice warrior. But whether or not I'm correct in that assessment it seems that his stunt has massively backfired on him, as he's yet to procure a contract since being let go and there have been numerous reports from people inside the NFL who say he's as toxic as they come so nobody will consider him.

Seriously though, the more the left tries to co-opt the NFL, the more it will go down in the ratings and the less people will tune in to watch it. People don't want to be virtue signaled about injustice and privilege by people making six or seven figure salaries that have secured their slice of the American dream.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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